Freshly Roasted, Freshly Brewed! All our Coffee beans are sourced from Specialty Coffee Growers in India & Fresh Roasted at our Vasna Road Café & Roastery (Baroda). If you wish to buy the same Coffee Beans for Home Brewing please click here


Blended Cold Coffee - ₹260

(2 shots of Espresso, blended with pure Ice Cream)

Ice Latte (Sugarless) - ₹230

(2 shots of Espresso, fresh milk & lots of ice)

Cold Brew - ₹200

(Black Drip Coffee, lots of ice)

Ice Espresso - ₹160

(30ml Espresso, ice)

Ice Double Espresso - ₹180

(60ml Espresso, ice)

Ice Long Black - ₹180

(60ml Espresso, water, ice)

Coffee Rocks - ₹220

(Frozen Espresso cubes, chocolate, chilled milk)

Yuzu Espresso - ₹230 (New!)

(Yuzu Refresher topped up with 30ml Espresso)

Caribbean Cold Coffee - ₹310

(Blended Cold Coffee, Triple Sec)

Ice Mocha ₹300

(Blended Cold Coffee, Chocolate)

Affogato - ₹210

(Espresso over vanilla ice cream)

Shekerato - ₹180

(60ml Espresso, shaken with ice)

Caramel, Hazelnut, French Vanilla, Irish, Mint