Fresh Roasted 🇮🇳 Specialty Coffee

Soul Brew it at home!

The best Coffee is the one YOU LIKE! Keep brewing, keep are some of the methods to get you started with your first cup of Fresh Roasted Coffee at home...  

Soul Brew Channi method

Our all time favourite is the Soul Brew Channi method! The easiest way to brew at fancy brewing equipment, just your good old Channi!

French Press

Brews a great cup of hot Coffee of course! You can also use the French Press to make Cold Brew Coffee! Simply refrigerate it over night (without pushing down the plunger). Push the plunger the next morning & enjoy Cold Brew Coffee with lots of ice!


Mocha Pot & home made Cappuccino

Be your own Barista! Brew at home using a Mocha Pot. Better still make a creamy Cappuccino using a French Press!  

Milk frothing 

 Use a French Press to froth milk at home for a creamy Cappuccino!