Home Brewing

It’s Coffee, not rocket science! The best Coffee is the one YOU like...keep Brewing, keep experimenting!
Here are some ways to get you started with your first cup of Freshly Roasted Soul Brew Coffee at home! 

Soul Brew Channi Coffee

If you are new to brewing Freshly Roasted Coffee at home, this is the easiest way to get you started! No fancy brewing equipment, just Freshly Roasted Soul Brew Coffee & your good old Channi!

French Press

Brews a great cup of hot Coffee! You can also use the French Press to make Cold Brew Coffee! Simply refrigerate it for 10-12 hours (without plunging). Plunge the next morning & enjoy Cold Brew Coffee over lots of ice!


Pour Over

One of the smoothest ways to enjoy black Coffee. We recommend our Light Roast for a Pour Over to extract & enjoy the original notes of the Coffee. A standard recipe is 1:15 (1 part Coffee, 15 part water) i.e. with 15gm of Coffee the recommended water content would be 15gm x 15 = 225gm. Don’t stop yourself from experimenting. The best Coffee is the one YOU like!